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Rotary Sample Divider

Rotary Sample Divider

rotary sample divider
rotary sample divider collection containers

Insmart Rotary Sample Dividers

are able to qualitatively and quantitatively divide dry, granular or powdery materials of all kinds and provide samples that are representative of the gross sample.

  • It consists of a turn table having removable sample containers passing through a free flow from a vibrating feeder.
  • It is able to divide 8 equal quantities of true representative samples from the feed sample. Equipment work on unique planetary sample division technique.
  • The sample containers are self-aligning and interlocking, which allows fast assembly and clean-up between charges.
  • The split samples are representative and can be combined to yield the large size samples as well.
  • Divides equal quantity of true representative samples from the collected bulk sample. Equipment works on unique planetary sample division technique.
  • The sample divider allows easy cleaning.
  • The equipment works on planetary motion system to uniformly distributes the sample in an annular area
  • A falling stream is created and the collection containers are rotated uniformly under the following stream to divide the bulk sample equally.
  • Operable on level surface without Foundation.
Feed Size Upto 10 mm
Feed Quantity Upto 25 kg
Output volume Eight equal divisions
Materials to be divided All Ores & Minerals
Power requirement 4 pole 10 amp MCB, 3 Phase with neutral & 0.  4 pole 10 amp MCB, 3 Phase with neutral &earthing, 0.5  Kw, 415 V, AC 50 Hz
Operating Process The bulk sample poured into a hopper and passed through a vibratory feeder. The material falls like a falling stream and the eight containers rotate at a fixed rpm to collect the representative sample from flowing stream equally in each container.


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