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Pot Mill

Pot Mill

Pot Mill

Insmart Pot Mill is an ideal equipment for achieving analytically pure and contamination free micro milling of ceramic as well as metallic powders. The equipment accepts dry samples as well as samples in suspension form. Samples as large as 200 micron particle size can be reduced to materials of extreme fineness (less than 1 micron).
Most suitable for micro milling of hard materials like Carbides, Bouxites & Ceramics etc.

Principle of Operation

Micro Milling is carried out by rolling of the balls on material as well as frequent ball impact within the milling media.
The sample is fed in the pot along with balls of suitable material and the pot is made to rotate on P.U. coated support rollers. The pot rotational speed can be varied in the range of 20 to 200 rpm. Pot rotates about its axis, while the balls inside the pot spin about their own axis in the same direction, the material gets trapped between the inner wall of bowl & balls and gets rolled over by weight of balls and thus gets pulverized.

  • Pot Material (inner lining) Varients.
    a) Tungsten Carbide
    b) Toughened Alumina
    c) Stabilized Zirconia
  • Pot capacity 500 ml to 5000 ml (5 liters).
  • Micro Milling: End fineness, smaller than 1 micron.
  • Analytically Pure Milling: Since the material is kept in isolated bowl.
  • Reproducible Milling: Pot speed can be set from 20 to 200 rpm by selecting suitable roll speed through digital display settings. On – off cycle can be programmed for long running hours. Reproducible grinding results are achieved by selecting the set parameters in the memory.
  • Homogenizing: Homogenizing is achieved by continuous mixing during milling process.
  • Maintenance Free: System is driven through a self-diagnostic type micro controller based A.C. Frequency controlled drive, having various setting and indicating parameters.
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
APPLICATION For fine and ultra fine milling of soft, medium and hard materials.
FEED SIZE Upto 200 microns
OUTPUT PARTICLE SIZE 1 micron or smaller (depending on characteristics of material, time and speed selection)
SPEED (setting and digital display) Plate speed for regular model 20 to 200rpm
TIME (Setting & digital display) RUN TIME + OFF TIME = 1 CYCLE, NO. OF CYCLES (0 TO 255) (0 to 255 MIN.) TOTAL TIME=(RUN TIME+OFF TIME)*NO. OF CYCLE
MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION OF POT & BALLS Hardened steel with tough core /AISI 304-SS/ Agate / Poly urethane / Ceramic / Lined Tungsten carbide / Zirconia (stabilised) / Toughened alumina / Corundum (natural and sintered)


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