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Davis Tube Tester

Davis Tube Tester

Davis Tube Tester

The Insmart Davis Magnetic Tube Tester (DTT)

is used for determining the magnetic content in ore samples from exploration.
• The Davis Magnetic Tube Tester consists of an extremely powerful electromagnet which can generate a magnetic field intensity of up to 5,000 gauss, a glass separation tube and a motor driven agitation mechanism.
• The tube is positioned between the poles of the magnet at an angle of approximately 45 degrees (the angle is adjustable).
• This is an ideal equipment for detetermining the magnetics during exploration works.
The Davis Magnetic Tube Tester will determine magnetic content and it takes only about 10 minutes for an accurate determination.
• Most reliable magnetic separator during exploration / exploitation of magnetite deposits for faster and accurate estimation of magnetite content from non-magnetics.
• Insmart make DTT, is supplied with electromagnet with variable intensity in the range of 100 to 5000 gauss instead of conventional horse shoe permanent magnet

During the operation a small electric motor drives the agitating mechanism that supports the water filled glass tube.
The tube moves to and fro while it rotates simultaneously.
Any magnetic particles present in the product sample inside the tube are collected in the zone of intense magnetism.
A vigorous washing action by agitation is applied to these magnetics.


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