Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace

Insmart muffle furnaces

are best suited for laboratory use with temperature range 800°C to 1100°C. As required, we provide both readymade as well as made to order customized muffle furnaces.

These laboratory muffle furnace units are operated for in general purpose heating in laboratories, ashing, sample drying, and heat treatment requirements for various research facilities in mineral labs.

The furnace consists of three layers of insulation. The innermost layer consists of 2″ thick Ceramic wool of 1425°C grade, the middle layer of 2″ thick which shall be Ceramic wool of 1280°C and the outermost layer carries loose ceramic wool. The furnace skin temperature is less than 100°C under regular operation temperature of 1100°C. The insulation in the front collar is 75 mm thick.

The heating elements are wound on a ceramic muffle of inner size 5″ wide x 7″ height x 14″ deep. The heating element is made from 14 SWG wire of rating 3.5 KW, 230V. The heating element is enclosed in a layer of high density ceramic wool of 400 kg/cu.m density of HTZ grade. The next layers shall be ceramic wool of 1280°C and then 3″ of loose ceramic wool all around the furnace.

The furnace is provided with a control panel with the following PID Digital temperature controllers.
Load contactor for controlling heating load.
Type K (Cr/Al) Thermocouple
Incoming and outgoing terminals and indication lamps
Control Accuracy: +/- 3 º C
Max. Operation Temp. : 1100°C

Inner Muffle chamber size: 5”x7”x14” (WxHxD)

Working Temperature: 1150 °C ± 3°C

Temp controller with dual display: Indicator cum controller

RATING: 3.5 KW, 230 V, single phase supply