Automated Coal Sample Preparation System

Automated Coal Sample Preparation System
Automated Coal Sample Preparation System

Insmart Automated Coal Sample Preparation System

Most ideal and modern system for third-party coal quality evaluation.
Insmart presents a ‘path-breaking’ and completely mechanized Sample Preparation System for large scale thermal power generation units and washries.
Here, collected samples are fed into the automated sample preparation system and the sampling unit performs size reduction, quantity reduction and representative sample drawal steps as per the IS 436 or ASTM D 2013 (depending on Indian and/or imported coal) guidelines and provides a completely mechanized preparation of collected samples.
Adhering to the IS 436 standards the Automatic coal sample preparation unit follows the following (tagged as 1 to 9 in the adjacent 3D image) sequential steps:
1. Primary crushing to -50 mm size
2. Elevating crushed sample & conveying to the divider
3. Sample Division to discard 3/4th increment & retain 1/4th increment
4. Secondary crushing to -12.5 mm size
5. Dispensing 1 Kg moisture sample at -12.5 mm sample size
6. 3rd stage crushing to 3.35 mm size
7. Sample conveying & dispensing sample for pulverization
8. Sample drying in heated conveyor
9. Sample pulverization

  • The compliant sample preparation system ensures increment by increment size crushing from ROM ~ 150 mm to pulverization upto 72 mesh with proportionate drawal of moisture samples, air drying the samples from each increment.
  • The discards generated in the process are delivered back to the lot by using suitable mechanisms like discard conveyors or material discard bins.
    Thus, a completely automatic system provided by Insmart efficiently meets the requirement of automatically preparing representative coal samples without any human intervention.
  • The prepared sample provides desired quantity of samples for various tests like grindability analysis, coking properties analysis, moisture analysis, sample size fraction analysis, proximate analysis, heat value analysis and many more.
  • This automated system can be aligned with various sample collection systems like Cross belt samplers, End-of-belt sampler, Augur samplers, Pipe samplers as well as manually collected samples.
  • Full automation – from sample loading, through crushing, dividing, moisture sample and pulverizing sample dispensing, loading of processed samples into subsequent equipment assemblies and discard material conveyors.
  • Keypad panel with flashing buttons for clear indication of process.
  • Automatic crushing-splitting module for smooth material flow.
  • Programmed controls over crushing, sample division and material dispensing cycle.
  • Operator can change the parameters on the keypads to suit different samples.
  • Can be integrated with any mechanized sample collection System viz. cross belt sampler, auger sampler or manual loading.
  • Safety interlocks fitted on all motor drives.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Usage of compressed air for smooth pneumatic operations.
  • Compatible to all provisions of material discard viz. Bucket elevators, chain conveyors, slat conveyors or screw conveyors to suit the onsite conditions.
Automated Coal Sample Preparation System Primary Crushing

Primary Crushing upto 50mm

Dispensing Moisture Sample

Automated Coal Sample Preparation System Pulverizing

Pulverizing Sample to -212 µm (72 #)


Automated Coal Sample Preparation System 1kg Moisture Sample

1kg of -12.5mm Moisture Sample

Automated Coal Sample Preparation System Pulverized Sample

500 gms of -212µm Pulverized Samples