Cross - Belt Clean Radial Sweep Sampler

for lumpy Limestone / Clinker / Bauxite / Coal / Coke auto sample collection

INSMART cross-belt samplers are specifically engineered, designed and manufactured to suit varied site conditions. They are far superior in material quality and yet very cost effective systems. Comprehensive range of Cross Belt Sampling System which can be retro fitted to troughed belt conveyors with minimal modifications. It is possible to integrate on-site sample preparation with Insmart Cross Belt Samplers. Insmart can also provide systems to return excess sample back to the belt. The rotary scoop aperture moves perpendicular to the centerline of the belt being sampled keeping the belt safe and collecting a complete band of material from the moving belt conveyor. Upto 12 kgs of increment collected from each scooping action (material and belt loading dependent).
The belt conveyor at the sampling area is securely supported by more condensed impact idlers. This makes a perfect arc in the cutter path from entire cross section of the belt. The radial scoop passes through the entire stream of material during one continuous operation with the minimum cutter velocity at the tip of the radial scoop being 1.5 times the velocity of the belt. Scoop design, scooping speed and non metallic cutter tips ensure that all particles including ultra-fines falling in the scooping path are collected. The rotary scoop is counterweighted in order to avoid potential structural problems with the conveyor belt.
Design Features Available to suit any belt size, speed or capacity. Large range of top sizes can be accommodated. Clean radial scooping action – collecting material from entire belt cross section. Heavy duty rotary scoop and enclosure construction . Detailed engineering of mechanical components. Direct drive. Geared motor with brakes. Non-sticky arched enclosure. Garland type troughing idlers. Dome Shaped Sampler Enclosure & Inspection Door Easy rotary scoop access.
Obstruction free unique dome design to ensure smooth flow of material from collection scoop/bucket to the sample collection chute. Inside surfaces are kept as flat as possible thereby, reducing places for material to stick. Maintains material velocity right upto to the discharge flange. Electrical safety interlocks to prevent equipment operation when doors are open. Heavy Duty Rotary Scoop Ultra heavy duty and special material of construction components for long life. Engineered to operate effectively even during uneven belt loading. Counterweighted to balance stored energy for smooth sweeping action. Circular Impact Idlers Aligns belt perfectly to rotary scoop trajectory. Extra protection along skirt boards to prevent material loss in spillage.
  Specifications Product Specifications & Equipment customization Range
1 Equipment Name Mechanized “Cross Belt Clean Radial Sweep Sample Collection system”
2 Material Coal, Coke and solid recovered (alternate) fuels
3 Max. Lump Size -10 to -100 mm (Occasional 120 mm)
4 Bulk Density of material 400  to 2500 Kg/m3
5 Belt Capacity (Working Operational) 20 to 3400 Tons/Hr
6 Belt inclination Flat to 20°
7 Belt Width 450 to 2400 mm
8 Trough Angles Flat to 45°
9 Belt Speed 1 to 4.5 m/sec
10 Frequency of Sample Collection 1 to 65 Per Hour
11 Increment (Quantity per operation) 4 Kgs to 12 kg (Belt width & belt loading dependent)
12 Width of scoop Upto 3 times the lump top size
13 Scoop wiper tip speed 1.5 m/sec to 6.75 m/sec
14 Total quantity collected per hour basis ~50 to ~650 kg
15 Automation PLC controlled advanced systems completely aligned to the belt operations. Programmable sample collection frequencies.
16 Basic Material of Construction Sampler Enclosures Mild Steel
Sampling Scoop Stainless Steel
Scooping Tips Non metallic - Polyurethane polymers
Motor Shaft EN 24
Counter weight for scooping arm Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
Impact idlers Mild steel and grooved rubber rings
17 Motor Power 4.5 to 9.5 kW, 400 V ± 10