Automated Sample Milling (Polishing) Machine for OES

analysis of Aluminum, Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze etc.

Insmart Automated Sample Milling Machine pick & place

Insmart Automated Sample Milling (Polishing) Machine

is a customized surface preparation system, ideal for Auto-milling of Metal samples for OES (optical emission spectrometer) samples. The system is capable of producing consistent depth of cuts and does not “burn” the sample surface. The feed rate and depth of cut are both programmable. The milling operations are done in typically under one minute. The machine is capable of extremely fine Depth of cut in the range of 0.2 mm to 2 mm. It has auto cleaning mechanism.

Insmart Offers three types of sample preparation systems for the Aluminum, Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze etc.

1. Fully automated containerized labs:

Every process from sample identification, sample preparation, OES spark location , sample analysis, results storage, transmission and display is automated.

2. Milling machine with Sample Indexing system :

Milling system for samples integrated with a 24 station indexing. The indexing system helps the operator by accepting 24 samples at a time. Each sample is picked and milled in the order that it was placed in the indexing system. The pick and place system avoids the contamination that would be caused by handling the samples manually. Also in the context of Aluminium plants, where multiple samples arrive at the same time, this indexing system is a time saver.

3. Milling machine for Sample preparation:

Insmart’s unique sample preparation system for OES. It is capable of producing milled sample in less than a minute. Two spindles are provided. The first spindle is meant to handle samples that have high hardness, typically from blast furnace. The second spindle is meant for softer samples from coverters or ladle furnace.


Sample polishing by milling of steel, pig iron samples for OES analysis and other Analytical procedures

Sample Material

Aluminum, Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze etc., diameter from 40 mm to 55 mm, round or Lollipop with parallel surfaces

Operation mode

Semi automatic – having facility to integrate it with Robotic system.


Single Spindle, Twin spindle and Robo milling.

1. Automatic Operating procedure:

Milling depth and feed rate, is preselected. The milling depth of cut is repeated unless setting is changed, even if the sample height changes. The operation cycle is accomplished automatically, after the sample is placed in the clamping device and operation cycle is switched on.

2. Quality and speed:

The robust design and higher drive rating of the machine takes care of the loads falling on the machine to discharge allowable load. This enables the machine to perform in extremely short duration i.e. 27 seconds. The transverse table retracts downwards after the completion of the polishing stroke to provide clearance between cutter and the sample during return stroke.

The transverse movement of the table is operated through servo motor which follows the speed as pre selected through PLC (rapid traverse speed during tool approach and return to home position enhances the processing speed).

3. Reproducibility of the automation for consistent analysis:

Top-quality sample surfaces are obtained as a result of the milling spindle speed and miller feed rate. The accurate automatic repetition through servo system as per preset programme for repeated samples guarantees reproducibility of the sample surface for analysis.

4. Safe operation and changeover of the cutting inserts:

Since the machine works only in completely enclosed vicinity without manual intervention and supported by foolproof programming and sensors chances of any accident gets eliminated. The polishing process is observed through a transparent glass window provided in the enclosure. As the cover opens, a safety switch automatically de-energizes the machine.

5. For changing the inserts alarm is generated periodically

indicating preset number of samples have been processed and inserts need to be changed. For changing inserts an automatic switch is provided to de-clamp the cutter holder from the spindle and similarly for clamping of the cutter.

Salient features

a. Total time taken (including loading & unloading) per sample is 30 seconds maximum.
b. Milled chips collection system.
c. High intensity customized compressed air cooling arrangement for cooling the sample, during cutting as well as directing the chips to chips collection unit.
d. Digital display & setting for depth of cut (from 0.2 to 2 mm) with an increment of 0.1mm.
e. Total Run time of machine can be seen on display board.
f. Machine can operate at minimum 6Kg /cm2 DRY compressed air.
g. Cutting pin of lollypop sample is not required as the pin gets accommodated in clamping system.
h. The clamping device can accommodate sample size upto 55 mm round or lollypop sample.
i. Selection of cutter and milling inserts depends upon the sample material viz. Ferrous or nonferrous material.
j. Retraction of cutter after polishing by lowering the table (this enhances the life of the milling inserts substantially)
k. No foundation required for the machine.

Safety features:

1. Front door IR Sensor 5 Nos. in 400 mm length, this prevents any for the safety of the operator any foreign object getting inside the operating area at the time of door close, machine stops automatically.
2. Table forward reverses safety proximity sensor and Limit switch to prevent overshoot (additional Sensor apart from sequence Sensors)
3. Air Pressure safety – pressure transducer and pressure switch is provided, if the air pressure goes down below the set value, the Sample can get dislodged from the clamp and accident can take place in order to eliminate this possibility machine stops automatically.

Programming Features:

1. Multi level password protection is provided in HMI.
2. Downloadable O.S. for system upgradeability.
3. Easy replacement of I/O Module.
4. Easy CPU diagnostics through LED indication (CPU Status, Power. Run, CPU error, Memory error, Low battery)
5. Touch Screen.
6. Animated Graphics and Multi channel communication.


Shape Lollypop / round (upto 55 mm dia)
Clamping Pneumatic
Table Feed motor 2 HP, Servo Motor
Feed range 137 mm to 1375 mm / min.
Approach speed 1200 mm/Min.
Cutting/Milling speed 550 mm/Min.
Horizontal (table) slide Horizontal slide accommodates pneumatic clamping, and chip flushing system. The sample is clamped on side and moves towards the milling cutter called APPROACH at faster feed rate. Soon as the sample reaches the cutter, the feed gets reduced to the set value of feed and the surface gets milled. After milling is over, forward feed of the table stops and the table gets back to original position following identical speed and stops at unloading station. Operator can remove the Lollypop sample by hand, and directly place it on Spectrometer for its analysis.

Spindle Specifications

Spindle motor 2 H. P. 900 RPM.
Spindle / Cutter Speed 450 rpm.
Cutting Diameter 80 mm
Cutting Tips/Bits 6 Nos/ Spindle
Type of Tips Octagonal
Cutter spindle nose taper Spindle with BT – 40.
Life of milling inserts ~5,000 Samples per set of inserts For low carbon steel

Sequence of operation

Action Time in Sec.
Loading of sample 1
Clamping 3
Safety door closing 1
Cutter approach 4
Milling 5
Return 10
De-clamping & removal of sample 2
Safety door opening 2
Total cycle time  Less than 30 sec.
Chip removal  By compressed air blowing.

Pre installation requisites

Power supply 415 volts 50Hz, 3 phase, Total 7.5 KVA.
Dry Compressed Air 200 cfm. At 6 Kg/cm2.
insmart automated container lab sample milling machine
Insmart Automated Sample Milling Machine pick & place
Insmart Automated Sample Milling Machine