Ro-Tap Sieve Shakers

The Equipment is specifically meant for determining the particle size distribution of sample by dry sieve analysis of various samples in the size range of -10 mm to 38µ. It is operated on two simultaneous motions an oscillatory motion with tapping given at the top. They provide oscillatory & tapping stroke in the ratio of 280:140 strokes per minute. An ideal unit for determination of granulometric analysis of various test products on dry basis. Provision exists for varying the screening time with digital display timer. The gyratory motion is transmitted through self lubricated gearbox.
Simultaneous gyratory and tapping mechanism ensures better screening efficiency. Does not require any lubricating oil fill. Self lubricating gear box. Upto eight nos. of 2” height and 8” diameter test sieves excluding top cover and bottom pan. Timer is provided to set the screening time depending upon the particle configuration. Separate electrical panel box for controls.
The Ro Tap sieve shaker comes with a unique horizontal, circular motion with vertical tapping action which assures accurate and consistent results. These rugged shakers are built for heavy use and can be bolted to bench tops for stable operation. Widely used in research & development, quality control of raw materials, intermediate and finished products as well as in production monitoring.
Best suited for measuring the quantitative particle size distribution of solids, separating and fractioning of sample quantities. Built-in 99 minute x 0.1 second digital timer for precise control.
Civil foundation is not required for the installation of the equipment. Level surface ground is required for the placement of the equipment. Three phase power supply is needed for the installation of the equipment.
Overall Size of Test Sieves 200 mm Dia x 50 mm Height.
Material of Construction Brass Frame Fitted with S S Cloth Standard Test Sieves with Brass Frame
SS Cloths 200 mm Dia
Purpose / Capacity For screening geological materials like Rocks, Minerals, Sand, Stem of Sediments and Soil, Iron Ore, Iron Oxide, Ferrite, Brittle Alloys, Graphite etc.
Input feed size - 5mm
Material of Construction Mild Steel
Number of Taps Upto 280 per minute
Number of Oscillations Upto 240 per minute
Motor 0.50 H.P.
Power Supply 415 Volts, 50 Hz A.C. 4 Pole MCB, 10 Amps, 3phase, neutral with earth.
Safety Features Current over load safety for motor protection.
Type of mounting Capable of operating on a level platform / floor mountable.