Tumbler Drum

tumbler drum
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Insmart Tumbler Drums

are trusted equipment to test and determine the resistance to degradation by impact and abrasion of hard lumpy ores like various Iron oxides, Sinter and Pellets, etc. The test sample is placed in a standard Tumbler Drum and rotated for a specified number of revolutions. The sample is removed and screened by means of standard sieves. The individual size fractions are weighed. From the masses of the different size fractions obtained after sieving the Tumbler and Abrasion indices are calculated. The equipment complies with IS:6495
Material for wear resistance parts Suitable Steel Grade
Motor   3HP
Breaking                                  Mechanical System
Structure MS Channels & Angles
Gear Box MM Gears with 1 : 60 Ratio
Drum Plate Thickness Side portion of 10 mm and 6 mm for periphery
Shaft Suitable graded Hardened Steel
Control Panel   Consists of: Time control, RPM Control with Proper switches and accessories
Programmer PLC/Microprocessor based
RPM speed DESIGNED 25 rpm
Size of the DRUM          W 500  x L 1000 mm (Confirming to IS-6495:1984)
Steel angle Lifter 50 X 50 X 5 mm.
Height of drum axis 700 mm.
Electrical Power requirement  4 Pole, 16 Amp MCB 3 Phase/ with earthing) A.C. 50/60 Hz, 415 Volts, Motor-2.2 Kw (3 H.P.)