Vibratory Cup Mills - VCM

Vibratory Cup Mills - VCM
CE Certified Insmart vibratory cup mills offer the full benefits of program controlled grinding processes for the preparation of samples for elemental analysis and phase analysis. Controlled by programmable controllers, it results in a reproducibility in sample preparation and consequently brings optimum analysis results. Vibratory cup mills are suitable for the grinding of even harder minerals like Slags, Ferro alloys and other materials upto a fineness of 38 microns. The high speed of the drive motor and the gyratory motion of imbalance mass enables even hard material to be ground within a very short time. It is meant for most efficient lab scale pulverizing operation in mining, metallurgy, cement, steel, aluminium, ceramics industries and the ground product is ideal for instrumental analysis using x-ray fluorescence analysis. The equipment performs fine grinding of dry as well as wet laboratory samples with equal ease. Ideal for exceptionally rapid grinding of extremely hard, Brittle and soft materials down to laboratory fineness.
Working Principal of Vibratory Cup Mill: The Vibratory Cup Mill brings about an impact of the hammer and/or the ring (grinding media) on the grinding materials inside the bowl this causes the size reduction. The collision intensity depends on heaviness and differential speed of the grinding media. The imbalance mass in the motor drive creates vigorous motion of the bowl and the grinding media. The equipment attains maximum impact from the very start of the grinding to attain most optimal and repeatable results in few minutes. Grinding bowls are used for a range of applications, with capacities of 50 ml, 150 ml. Hardened steel, Stainless steel and Tungsten carbide bowls are designed for easy handling where the operator simply clamps the bowls and starts the grinding operation. Insmart vibratory cup mills are fully insulated against noise and have safety cut-outs for operator protection. The dust and noise pollution at the workplace is therefore substantially reduced. Insmart vibratory cup mills are high-quality, precision engineering products with compact dimensions and are therefore ideally suited for QC lab scale grinding operations. The design of the machines corresponds to the current accident prevention guidelines.

Highlights of Grinding Environment:

150 ml bowl is fed with input material size of upto 8 mm, suitable for a variety of sample types. Exceedingly quick grinding (30 seconds to 3 mins). Fast grinding achieves the desired particle size in the range of 100 to 325 mesh. Material of Construction: Grinding cup and rings are made from hardened steel, Tungsten Carbide, Agate or stainless Steel (depending upon material to be ground) provides improved analytical results as it gives reduced sample contamination. Easily operable pulverizing set. Dry & wet pulverizing.

VCM Main Features:

Programmable Grinding: Grinding cycle time can be completely preseted. Thus, required fineness is achieved even under intermittent power supply conditions. Programmable cycle time setting is possible to suite the material fineness. Changeability in Bowl location plate: No change of bowl location plate is required and bowl sets of 50ml to 250 ml can be placed on the same bowl location plate. Four Bowl Simultaneous Grinding: In case of multiple material grinding requirements, 4 Bowl VCM provides the facility of grinding 4 different materials at the same time. This option is available only with 50 ml bowls.

Safety Features:

Over Load Tripping: In order to counter power surges Motor drive is provided with additional protection through OLR- trip. 4 Pole MCB with reliable circuit breaker is also provided for additional machine safety during power surges. Door sensor: Material Grinding is done in an enclosure fitted with a door to load & retrieve the material. Thus, grinding is performed in a protected area. In case the door is opened while machine is in operation, the machine is provided with suitable sensors that stop the machine in order to avoid any possible accident.
Fine grinding within minutes. For high speed grinding of minerals, ores with extremely high repeatability. Detachable grinding bowl set for better cleaning. Superior quality bowls to eliminate cross- contamination during grinding. Independent precise time control system to achieve the desired material fineness for different materials.

Flexibility in Grinding Output

Range of size reduction from -8 mm to 38 microns is achieved by faster and more efficient grinding(material dependent) Programmable cycle time setting is possible to suit the material fineness Easy Replacement of Bowl and Bowl location plate
Purpose Pulverizing for laboratory use
Mounting Type Floor mounting No foundation required
Working Principle Friction
Maximum Feed Size upto 8 mm
Output Size (adjustable) Start Range : ≤ 100 mesh End Range :  ≤        325 mesh Cycle time: 30 sec to 3 mins for 20 to 60 gm sample (150ml bowl set)
Throughput at usual Product size 15-20 samples per hour, per bowl
Pulverizing materials Bauxite, Clinker, Coal, Coke, Concrete, Corundum, Geological ores, Glass, Granite, Graphite, Laterite, Limestone, Iron ore, Quartz, Silicates, Slag, Ferro alloys. Pulverizes materials with medium to substantially high hardness and brittleness.
Motor Drive Motor Power :   1.5 kw 2HP Motor RPM : 1440 Volts:      415 3 Phase induction Motor
Required Power 3 phase neutral + earthing through 10 amps 4 Pole MCB [Red, Yellow, Blue, Neutral, Earthing]     
Machine Size (in millimeters) Length: 600 Width: 720 Height : 950
Weight (Kg) Machine: 230 Wooden Box: 80 Total Machine: 310

VCM - Range of Grinding Bowls


VCM - Input - Output

VCM Bowl Materials Main Component of the materials Material suitability Bowl Resistance to abrasiveness Grinding Time Output Range
Hardened Steel Fe - Cr Slag, Iron ore, Clinker, Bauxite, Laterite, Quartz, Granite, Gypsum, Limestone, Pigments, Carborundum, Embrittled materials like high density plastics superior 1-3 mins 100 to 325 mesh  [suitable for XRF / XRD and or wet chemical analysis]
Tungsten  Carbide - Coated Fe - WC Coke, Coal Excellent 1-2 mins  Upto 72 mesh
Tungsten  Carbide - Lined WC Ferro manganese, Ferro silicon, Ferro chrome Excellent 1-5 mins Upto 325 mesh
Stainless Steel SS Tablets, Salts, Fertilizers Superior 1-3 mins 325 mesh

Material Material Type
Slag, Ferro alloys, Granite , Feldspar, Quartz, Iron ore, Sponge iron Hard-abrasive
Clinker, Quartz, Rock, Bauxite, Ceramics, Carborundum Hard-brittle
Glass, Calcite, Coal, Coke, Tablets, Fertilizers Medium-hard
Gypsum, Salts, Graphite, Pigments, Mica Soft
Alloys, Ceramics, Salts, Tablets, Silicon Carbide, Silicon nitride, Coke, Coal, Embrittled e.g. high density plastic Brittle

Elemental & Phase Analysis

For preparing ground samples in a less mill operation time without any undesired grinding media grazing.

Application areas: Mined material processing industries like: Iron & Steel, Cement, Glass, Ceramics, Material developmental R & D Labs
Metallurgy For pulverizing cast iron samples or blast furnace slag to establish additives application
Mining, Cement and Iron & Steel industry Meant for processing minerals or ores for physical or chemical analysis
Ceramics industry For grinding lumpy samples to produce raw powder to determine Calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide-content
Earth Sciences Meant for preparing samples for chemical/elemental analysis for soil testing purposes, bore hole samples

Volume Useful Capacity (sample quantity) Grinding Media
50 ml 10 gms by weight for materials of specific gravity upto 1.6 gms/mc3 Bowl & Hammer
100 ml 30 gms by weight for materials of specific gravity upto 1.6 gms/mc3 Bowl with hammer & Ring
150 ml 50 gms by weight for materials of specific gravity upto 1.6 gms/mc3 Bowl with hammer & Ring
250 ml 70 gms by weight for materials of specific gravity upto 1.6 gms/mc3 Bowl with hammer & Ring