Semi Automatic – Grinding & Pelletizing Units
Auto Combo A


A robust equipment assembly is a big step above the conventional sample grinding and pelletizing systems which involves two separate equipment assemblies and many manual intervention steps with respect to handling of heavy grinding bowls, bowl cleaning and pellet making process where except for mechanised grinding and compaction, every step is performed manually.

Auto Combo A comes with a facility of auto grinding and integrated auto pelletization system. It is an ideal combination for labs that want to maintain manual sample preparation and sample analysis but do not want to lift the heavy bowl of grinding mill and deal with the cleaning of the bowl. Auto-combo A also offers automatic pelletization once the pellet ring is placed in the die set.

Touch screen based system interaction

On receiving crushed sample the operator feeds a pre fixed quantity of sample manually and feeds details of sample origin in the touch screen.

Auto Grinding and Auto Pellet making

Once the operator feeds the sample identification the Auto-Combo identifies the type of sample such as raw mill, kiln feed, clinker etc. from the sample ID and automatically sets the tonnage and compaction time.
Pre-set auto grinding based on sample type ensures ideal grinding and sound pellets for XRF/XRD analysis.
Auto compaction using the pre-defined tonnage and compaction time. On choosing the sample type in the touch screen the system Auto selects material grinding time required for grinding the sample and the chosen compaction pressure for pelletizing the sample.

Utilizing right sample quantity and controlling cross contamination

Once the operator feed a weighed quantity of sample with binding agent and acknowledges the sample arrival on screen, the sample specific grinding and pelletizing sequence kicks in.
Pre-programmed auto cleaning and gargle cycle of grinding media and pelletizing set is built in for all new samples. It is a unique system of eliminating cross contamination while grinding different types of samples.

Auto self cleaning system

For avoiding cross contamination the system uses compressed air and high performance brushes for cleaning of the grinding bowl and other sample contact surfaces.

Manual Interventions

A trained operator can easily perform the manual feeding of sample origin, pouring measured quantity of sample and binder tablet.
Manual cleaning of pelletizing die-set using a air suction system. Placing the pellet ring into die set for each sample.

Final Output

Once auto pelletization is completed the pellet is removed manually. The operator de-dusts and cleans the loose powdery material from compacted pellet and feeds it to the XRF/XRD analyzers.
The sample ID & sample type is manually entered into the analysis system.
All result tabulation, recording and forwarding of analysis data is performed manually.