Automatic Hot Clinker Sampler


Insmart has introduced most advanced sampler for automatic Clinker Sample collection in order to intermittently collect clinker samples from grate cooler discharges.

Insmart indigenously made sampler is a well accepted sampling system and it is helping our customers draw representative clinker samples from a highly risk prone kiln environment.

The Hot Clinker Sampler is located between the grate cooler and DPC (Deep Pan Conveyor). The vertical falling crushed clinker lumps (upto 50 mm size) are intercepted by a retractable telescopic sampler collection arm and approximately 5 kg sample can be collected in one increment.

On hourly / bi-hourly basis the sample collection arm is guided in the chute.

On collection, the sampler arm retracts itself from the clinker chute and the gate opening is closed. The sampler arm delivers the collected material in a container provided outside the chute. In the retracted position the sampler does not obstruct the material flow. Suitable insulations are provided to arrest fines from releasing out of the sampling zone.

The sampler movement is guided by hydraulic cylinders which use glycol water as circulating medium.

There is a provision for operating the equipment with the press of a button in order to collect clinker for sieving purposes.

1. Clinker size: upto 50 mm – occasional 70 mm

2. Clinker temperature: upto 500 deg C

3. Increment quantity: 2 to 5 Kg ( as per requirement)

4. Increment frequency: Hourly, with a provision to collect:

A. Auto sampling at a pre fixed sample collection frequency
B. Auto Sampling in 3-4 quick succession for sieving purposes.
C. Spot sample by using manual push button option.

Insmart Clinker Sampler is an egronomically designed compact system which can be installed in a limited free space of 1 meter X 2.5 meter area with working height of at least 1.2 meters.

The sampler movement is guided by hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulically operated reciprocating bucket is operated in a special grade glycol-water medium, designed for smooth operation in high temperature kiln discharge environment.