Turbo Mixers


Turbo mixer works on the principal of inversion Kinematics. Here the relative motions of the link mechanisms remain unchanged.

Every mechanism has moving members which move relative to each other about the joints which connect them. These relative motions result in the multiple trajectories.

The material (Solid powders or Liquids) kept in the Jar spins on its own axis and simultaneously the top and the bottom end of the jar moves in three dimensional motion. Thorough mixing, blending and homogenizing are the result of rotational and multi direction reversals of material inside the Jar.

Used for fast and efficient dry and wet mixing, blending and homogenization of various materials of different sizes and densities specifically in Ultra fine size range.

VARIANT turbo mixer                      


turbo mixer              


turbo mixer                    


Input Material Solid Powders and liquids of various densities Solid Powders and liquids of various densities Solid Powders and liquids of various densities
No. of Mixing Chambers One One One
Container Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Overall capacity 2 litre Container 5 litre Container 10 litre Container
Timer Cycle Display digital display
Spin Speed Upto 50 RPM
On & Off Time cycle Settable in the range of 0-255 Minutes
Time Setting per Cycle Run Time + Off Time = 1 Cycle
Total Time (Run Time + Off Time) X no. of Cycles.
Direction of rotation (Programmable) i) Clockwise and Anti clockwise ii) Alternate in Alternate Cycle
Power Supply 0.75 Kw. (1Hp) 230v-AC + Neutral, 6 Amps MCB.
Safety Features Protection grill sensor for operator safety. Current over load Safety for Motor Protection.