Surface Moisture Analyzers

Our Specially designed moisture analyzer system is provided with unique features. The system is designed to accommodate four crushed samples of 1000 gms each with built-in load recording systems. Surface Moisture Analyzer circulates dry air or nitrogen gas at a flow rate of one to four volumetric air exchanges per minute. The Analyzer is provided with dynamic temperature control mechanism to achieve uniform heating of upto 40°c.
These air exchange and temperature control mechanism provide accelerated removal of coal surface moisture. Once the weight loss weighment difference of 0.05% (between two consecutive half hour readings) is achieved the hot air flow is switched off automatically and the hooter alarm is blown. This confirms the completion of air drying process for the specific sample. The analysis results are graphically and tabularly exported to a PC.
Use of this special equipment can yield the requisite results within a short span of 5-6 hours as against 24 hours consumed in the conventional process. The moisture content of coal ranges from 6% by weight in anthracite coals to 45% by weight in lignite, thus determination of surface moisture content in as received coal sample is important.
Surface moisture (free moisture) is, as the term implies, water held on the surface of the coal and determined as the loss in weight in an air atmosphere under rigidly controlled conditions of temperature, time and airflow confirming to ASTM D 3302.

Operating Console


Test Status Display


Log for Temperature & Air-dried-loss


HMI display of test completion


Dynamic Temperature Graph


Dynamic Weight loss Graph (ADL)