Insmart 40 Ton Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Pellet Press is CE Certified extensively used to compact homogeneous powders into a firm pellets for elemental Analysis.
For ease of use it is automatic and fully programmable, making it ideal for repetitive compaction of samples for XRF, XRD and other analytical techniques.
Insmart pellet press produces strong pellets with a smooth surface.

The 40 ton hydraulic pellet press applies a regulated pressure force in the range of 5 to 40 Tons.
Individual pressure force achieved up to 40 tons.
Comfortable parameter setting using displays and very few button operations.
Program allows the user to enter desired pressure, hold time to hold the final pressure and interval to return back to zero pressure.

Operational Procedure:

The steel ring or aluminium cup is inserted in the die set chamber of the 40 ton press and filled with 8-12 gms of ground sample material. The die set is then moved beneath the pressure enclosure and the pellet formation is started.
During the 50 seconds (programmable) pressure build-up cycle the compactness of the powder increases. The maximum pressure force is held over a certain period of time to allow complete development of the inter-particulate cohesive forces and guarantee maximum pellet strength which is essential before impinging X-rays on to the pellet.

Key Features:

Digitally adjustable tonnage (5 to 40 Tons). Digitally set compaction time. Automatic de-compression. Auto ejection. Self-standing, Floor mounted. Protection for overheating of oil & motor.
Compacted pellets withstand the one meter drop test.
Provision for pellet Breaker for “B & C type” SS rings. Thus, they can be re-used by breaking the compacted pellet in Insmart provided pellet breaker.

Insmart’s 40 Ton press produces strong pellets with a smooth surface.
Compaction pressure regulation in the range of 5 to 40 Tons.
Comes with pressure force control, as well as time for pressure build-up & holding time for compaction.
Easily operable pelletizing set.
Exceedingly quick compaction (50 seconds – programmable).

Sample Compaction for XRF/XRD analysis.
Sample type: Cement, Lime stone, Slag, Raw meal, Kiln feed, Laterite, Bauxite, Dolomite, Feldspar, Clay, Iron Ore…
Handles all demanding pelletizing operations efficiently and cost effectively.
Ensure safe operation and simple maintenance.
Achievable pressure force of upto 40 Tons.

Comfortable parameter setting, using display and very few key pad operations.
Digitally adjustable tonnage (5 to 40 Tons).
Digitally set compaction time & Automatic Decompression.
Auto ejection.
Self-standing, floor mounted.
Protection for overheating of oil & motor.

Purpose Making Compacted Pallets for laboratory use
Application Preparation of pellets for spectral analysis
Mounting Type Floor mounting, no foundation required. Saves on cost of building RCC foundation
Working Principle Pressure
Maximum Feed Size Pulverized Samples
Output Compacted Pellets
Max Force (Load) 400 kN (40 Tons.) with Digital display of set and Actual Load
Feed materials Bauxite, Cement, Clinker, Limestone, Laterite, Gypsum, Minerals, Silicates, Slag, Iron ore.
Hydraulic Pump feed rate 2.49 mm2 / Sec during piston forward movement
4 mm2 / Sec during piston return movement
Hydraulic pump capacity 3 LPM (Litre per Minute) at 250 bar
Hydraulic pressure 250 Bar (Max.)
Normal Operating Pressure 200 Bar. (With Digital display of Set and Actual Load)
Maximum Fill Height in die 20 mm
Pellet Ring Type A Type, B Type & C Type
Pellet Dimensions (ring internal diameter (ID) & Outer Diameter (OD) in mm) A Type: 40 Dia.                                                                                                                                       B Type: 40 OD & 35 ID with 14 mm Height.                                                                                        C Type 1: 51 OD & 35 ID with 8 mm Height.                                                                                  C Type 2: 51.5 OD & 35 ID with 8.5/8mm Height.
Time for one compaction cycle Approx. 50 Sec. (Programmable).
Oil Tank Capacity 17 Litres
Motor Drive Motor Power:  1.5 kw Motor Power:

2 HP

RPM : 1415 Volts: 415    3 Phase induction Motor
Required Power                               [to be provided by end user ] 3 phase neutral + earthing through 10 amps 4 Pole MCB

[Red, Yellow, Blue, Neutral, Earthing]
Machine Size [in millimeters] Length:550 Width: 635 Height: 1260 (Without Pallet Breaker)

2030 (With Pallet Breaker)

Machine Weight (in Kg) Machine: 270 Wooden Box: 100 Total Machine: 370

Die Set Variants