Automatic – Grinding & Pelletizing Units
with XRF / XRD integration (Auto Combo-c)

Automatic - Grinding & Pelletizing Units - Auto Combo c turret

Insmart Auto-Combo C is a perfect match to any of the existing semi automated sample preparation systems in cement plants where QC labs are using a manual sample receiving station from pneumatic sample transportation or do not have a pneumatic sample transportation system or the labs that have chosen not to go with robotic sample preparation but prefer automation in sample preparation due to high sample load and improve on the reliability of sample preparation process.

Turreted multiple sample feeding systems

Auto-Combo C comes with turreted manual sample feeding systems where the operator can feed measured quantities of material in the designated cups and systems kicks in to auto grind and pelletize the sample as per the pre defined cycle.
A pivoted turretised sample cup holder where the cups sequentially pour designated samples for grinding by simple rotating motion
The turret sequences simultaneously received samples and they are processed in the pre programmed manner. The sequence planning and priority is programmed into the Auto-Combo-C software.

ID specific grinding & pelletizing operation

Once the operator feeds the sample in cups designated for raw meal, kiln feed, clinker sample, the sample designation based operating parameters take over.
This eliminates the chance of a particular sample result being erroneously tagged to the wrong sample; the Auto-Combo software automatically correlates the designated sample cup to the type of sample & generated sample ID. The sample results and sample data is stored together with the rest of the analysis in an open database.
The database is updated in real-time and can be easily connected to for e.g. the automatic raw mix feeder control system or any other software or plant ERP.

Utilizing right sample quantity and controlling cross contamination

Taking support of the manual sample receiving stations once the operator feed a weighed quantity of sample and acknowledges the sampler arrival on screen, the volumetric dosing and auto binder tablet feeding process kicks in. Ensuring optimum sample quantity is ground and homogenized with binder tablets before auto transfer for pellet making.

Auto Grinding and Auto Pellet making

Pre-set Auto grinding based on sample type and dosed quantity.
Auto compaction using the pre defined tonnage and compaction time. Auto combo selects material grinding time required for grinding the sample from sample-ID and automatically sets grinding & pelletizing time.
Pre-programmed for auto self cleaning and gargle cycle of grinding media and pelletizing set is built in for all new samples; a unique system to grind sample & eliminate cross contamination.
Secondly, the unit performs self cleaning cycle after every grinding and pellet making cycle. This action is performed by using very powerful compressed air jets coupled with powerful suction cleaning to free the grinding and pelletizing chambers from sample traces.

Self contained stacks of Pellet rings and Binder tablets management is similar to Auto Combo B.

Auto check on structural integrity & surface cleaning
Auto pellet surface cleaning with directed jets of compressed air and suction pressure eliminates superficial dust on both sides of the compacted pellet.
Similarly the system Auto checks on structural integrity of pellets. If strong, Auto-Combo loads it on a small conveyor to be carried to the XRF system.

Compatible for XRF/XRD integration

Various samples pellets such as Limestone, Raw mill, Kiln Feed, Cement are sequentially send to integrated XRF/XRD system for analysis.
Once analyzed the Auto Combo-C also commands the XRF system to return the ring, on the same conveyor which delivered the sample ring to XRF. It will “de-pelletize” the ring and store it in its ring storage system for the next cycle.