Automatic Hot Meal Sampler

Spot sampler for material collection upto 950 deg C

Hot Meal Sampler
Hot Meal Sampler

Insmart Hot meal samplers are designed to operate in a high temperature environment of upto 1170 deg C. It is an automatic sampler for collecting powdery hot meal samples from raiser duct or a vertical/inclined chute.

Sampling Material : Hot meal with feed size max 200 microns, and maximum temperature 1000 deg C

Operation mode : Automatic

Operating Principle: The hot meal sampler is a spot sampler used for drawal of representative samples from the precalciner discharge.

A sampling arm made out of special refractory metals is moved into the ducts at desired intervals of say one or twice in a shift. In auto collection mode the sampling cup is made to flow in and retract from the material flow. Approximately 200 Gms of material is collected in the process.

The collected material is directly transferred into a cooling jacket here the jacketed sample is cooled from ~ 950 deg C to ~ 50 deg C.

The cooling jacket ensures no outside air contact with the collected sample in order to prevent material carbonization.

On attaining the desired temperature the sample is transferred to a carrier Bottle.

The extremely hot material is taken in a jacketed enclosure. The system is designed to avoid direct material contact with outside air. Thus, avoiding any change in chemistry of highly reactive hot meal samples.

The inner jacket is quickly cooled circulating chilled air/liquid on the jacket outer wall.

The cooled sample can be collected manually in a bottle or it can be automatically transported into the lab.

In the resting position the sampler arm is positioned on the chute wall & thus it does not come in the material flow path.

Sampler Dia: 70 mm

Collected sample quantity in one increment: 300 Gms

Maximum acceptable sample temperature: 1170 deg C

Compressed air supply: 6 bars