Turnkey Labs

The essence of a turnkey system is its readiness to be used immediately. This is the philosophy applied to all of Insmart Turnkey Quality Control Labs. Our custom made turnkey designs mean that customer does not have to manage anything.

Customers provide us with their performance expectations, technical specifications and space limitations and we manage the rest.

Insmart Turnkey Labs are perfect for cement companies setting up green field and brown field projects and those with limited time.

With 25 year of close-knit association with cement plants Insmart now suggests layout, procure ideal equipment, engineer, fabricate, transport, install and starts up the turnkey physical as well as wet chemical lab facilities in record time. For example:

On-site Installations – The Orient Cement, Chittapur: Turnkey lab project delivered 15 days before schedule.

On-site Installations: 4 Turnkey lab in Rourkela steel plant: Insmart offers better project visibility by providing a complete Design Engineering including a 3D visualization of the lab set up before commissioning a QA lab in green field or a retro fit set up.

We are also experienced with supervising construction contractors and when required, installing facilities completely on our own.

Centralized QC laboratory comprising of following sections:

Lab Sample Registration area

Sample Preparation Lab

Pneumatic Sample Transportation System within QC Lab

Robot assisted elemental analysis lab for XRF / XRD analysis

Physical Analysis Lab

Wet Chemistry Lab

Coal Sample Preparation & Analysis Lab

Storage for consumables as well as market & reference samples

Lab office set-up

Miscellaneous & safety items.

Quality assurance System for physical laboratory

The main function of physical labs is to assess the quality of 24 hour average clinker and cement samples and assure its customers that the quality and strength of produced cement is as per set BIS standards and will withstand the test of times.

Insmart offers a reliable physical analysis environment for the cement manufacturing units.

Insmart commitment is to provide the best project management services in the industry with a comprehensive cement physical properties analysis systems.

Activities of a Modern Physical Laboratory

All the seven types of physical analysis tests can be easily carried out for:
1. 24 – hour day average samples of Clinker & Cement
2. Fly ash

These tests can be easily conducted in order to ensure that all the produced quantities in the plant comply with the Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) norms.

Standard Tests conducted in physical lab
Determination of fineness by Blaine’s Apparatus

Normal Consistency Test (NC)

Soundness Test

Drying Shrinkage Test

Setting Time test

Compressive Strength Determination Test

Lime Reactivity Test

Purpose of Insmart comprehensive quality assurance system for Chemical Laboratory

The main function of Chemical Lab is to determine the chemical composition of 24 hour average samples, as well as periodic samples and drift correction of XRF for better production process control.

Our commitment is to provide the best project management services in the industry.
Insmart systems provides a complete supply of Chemical analysis system that comprises of design, development and setting up of reliable chemical analysis laboratories for cement and its ingredients.

Insmart expert chemists also propose the sampling load assessment and subsequent scope of work based on sample collection frequencies for a large capacity cement plant.

Purpose of modern chemical laboratory

The Chemical Laboratory follows Standard Practice for Evaluation of samples and testing the quality of their chemical composition.

Insmart provided chemical lab modules are designed to accommodate all prescribed BIS test specifications and facilitate accurate chemical analysis of cement and raw materials used in cement manufacturing.

These tests are also used for analysis of referee samples as well as analysis for certification purpose.

The provided test methods and apparatus are long accepted classical chemical test methods which provide a reasonably well-integrated process of analysis for cement and its ingredients.

Services offered in a Chemical Lab
Centralized QC laboratory comprising of following sections:
Chemical Analysis Lab
Storage for consumables and reference samples
Lab office set-up
Safety & Miscellaneous items

Chemical lab catagorization
All hourly samples are checked in shift lab to progressively determine the quality of received samples and provide data for the required corrective steps.

Insmart provided labs facilitate following hourly tests to be performed in the shift lab:
Liter Weight
Free Lime
Hourly determination of SO3 is done using XRF. However, we also provide provision for SO3 determination of average samples in chemical lab.

List of Analysis tests conducted in a conventional Wet Chemistry lab as per BIS:

Ferric oxide and Alumina Test (R2O3)

Alumina Test by EDTA

Silica SiO2 Test

Ferric oxide Test by EDTA Method

Determining Calcium Oxide (CaO)

Determining Magnesium Oxide (MgO)

Determining Na2O and K2O in Flame photometer
Determining Insoluble Residues (IR)

Determining Sulphuric anhydride (SO3)

Free lime in Platinum Crucible by Ethanol Glycerol Method

Offers training:
These training sessions not only emphasize on following the correct gravimetric analysis procedures but will also emphasize on the importance of sampling as a science and the dependency of process control on analyzed sample reports. These elaborate training sessions are essential for smooth functioning of QA Labs and help the lab personnel to realize the significance of adhering to accurate sample preparation and analysis norms.

The teams will include:
1. Sample Collection team
2. Sample Preparation team
3. Officers/Chemists of Quality Control Department.

Year long warrantee:
For supply as well as service. Exclusions: The warrantee will not cover normal wear & tear, low self-life items, consumables and breakage due to mishandling.

Lab layout with provision for Power supply, Water, Compressed air at various locations. Miscellaneous & Safety items.

Indicative 3-Dimentional Layout:
*For Better Visibility of the QA Lab environment insmart can (on request) provide a 3D layout (before order execution) displaying all sampling equipment in a QC lab.

Pre-dispatch inspection:
We provide real time, full-fledged, pre-dispatch inspection and demo-trial of all laboratories equipment. The trials include:

Trial of Robot-Lab (as per agreed layout)

Layout and real time analysis of chemical Lab

Layout and real time analysis of physical Lab