Automatic Clinker Sampler

with integrated Crushers, Dividers and Discard material handling systems


Insmart also provides onsite sample collection and preparation assembly which consists of a crusher, feeder conveyor, sample divider and reject material conveyor.
The sampler is positioned at the grate cooler discharge. In the integrated environment once the sampler arm is retracted from the clinker flow. The sample is emptied into a discharge chute which in turn feeds the clinker crusher.
The integrated crusher accepts entire increment quantity in hot condition and instantaneously crushes it to desired -3 mm size.
A feeder conveyor transfers the material uniformly to the sample divider. Here the material is intercepted and representative material and drawn into a bottle.
The excess material it passed onto a reject material conveyor which feeds the material to the DPC thereby ensuring no material wastage.
The sample bottle is integratable with pneumatic sample transportation system.
Once filled the bottle is capped it is indexed for conveying through pipes.

Equipment Integrated crusher
Mounting Type Frame mounting (site condition dependent)
Working Principle Pressure
Maximum Feed Size ≤ 70mm
Feed Type Choke Feeding of upto 5 Kg sample material
Output Size   Upto 3 mm
Throughput 20 Kgs/Hr at – 70 mm feed size and  – 3 mm output
Crushing materials Clinker upto 5000C Crushes materials with medium to substantially high hardness and brittleness
Crushing enclosure           [side plates] Material  of construction for side plates  – Hardened Steel
Motor Drive Motor Power :



HP Motor

RPM : 1440 Volts:      440 3 Phase induction Motor
Required Power               3 phase neutral + earthing through 16 amps 4 Pole MCB

[Red, Yellow, Blue, Neutral, earthing]     

Equipment Built in sample divider
Particle Size Upto 20 mm
Capacity 20 kg per hour
Purpose To Draw true representative sample in hot condition
Main Motor Drive Special motor drive, with fixed rpm, 230 V, + Neutral & earthing
Power 2 Pole MCB , 4 amps Single Phase
Equipment Integrated reject material conveyor
Capability Discharge excess quantity of hot clinker material back to the DPC. (the conveyor length and orientation is dependent on site location and space availability in the cooler discharge area.