Automatic Samplers for Powdery Materials

Best suited for continuous sampling of Raw meal, Kiln feed, Cement & Powdery Coal

Automatic Samplers For Powdery Materials

Designed for continuous collection of Raw meal, Kiln feed, Cement and powdered Coal samples, the Insmart sampler is a point sampler for free-flowing materials from gravity chutes / hoppers.

The fully extended rotary screw rotates in the sampler chamber with well distributed apertures in the upright position.

The continuously operating sampler is driven by a geared motor, coupled to a transport screw crossing the flow of material. The screw transports extracted material to a homogenizer, where it is homogenized by flap wings connected at center of a horizontally aligned homogenizing cone.

The sampling station is provided with a secondary sampler that draws a dozed quantity into the sample bottle. Here the sending station is aligned with the secondary sampler. The sending station transports the sample bottle to the Robotic Sample Preparation Lab.

The excess material is delivered to the main chute using a discard material chute thereby ensuring no material wastage.

Sampling cycle is controlled by the controller of the auto sampling process station.

Unique Features:

Sample cavity captures a fixed sample volume.
Rugged Steel construction.
Available in a model that is conforming to ATEX Standards (for powdery coal sampling only).
Designed to eliminate the degradation of sample material.
The point sampler captures samples from a point in a process stream (most suitable when the material is dry and homogenous).
Sample volume can be changed with the sampler controller.
The sampler is designed to provide repeatable and representative samples and can be left totally unattended.

Key features include the following:

All product contacts are steel made.
Seals withstand temperatures up to 100°C
Minimum tolerance between tube and auger, ensuring total material drawal.
The device can be used to sample powders upto 20 microns.
It can be used in gravity flow and in rarified as well as dense phases.
Sample volume approx. 40 cubic cm per 5 seconds.

Ideal Sampler locations

An automatic sampler can be located on:
Vertical or sloped gravity discharge chutes
Straight-side or sloped hoppers
Most kinds of process equipment

Insmart Samplers are compact and they can be easily retro-fitted in the available spaces.

Suitable Sampler installation points: Horizontal / vertical or inclined drop chutes
Maximum sample particle size: 500 μ
Sample Collection Capacity: Approx. 40 Kg /Hr

Power supply and consumption:
Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase, or as required
Power consumption: Approx. 2.5 kVA

Screw conveyor:
Screw Length: Approx. 1,100 mm
Screw conveyor diameter: 70 mm
Screw conveyor rotations: 20 rpm

Sample material:
Various materials (Raw meal, Kiln feed, Cement, Pulverised coal, Feldspar)
Grain size: Max. 500 μ
Temperature: Max. 100°C


Insmart Automatic Samplers eliminate inconsistency

Samplers are automated using PLCs systems and they produce very repeatable results and do the same action each and every time they operate. Taking human inconsistency out of the sampling equation, the resulting samples are much more consistent and representative of the process.

Insmart Automatic Samplers are more representative of the process

In most cases, samplers used for cement applications take small, incremental samples of the flow stream and provide composite sample. A composite sample is statistically and empirically more representative of the process than a single grab or batch sample collection system.

Accurate Automatic Sampling

With representative sampling, characteristics of each sample match that of the entire lot or batch. Therefore, samples are repeatable, leading to accurate sample analysis data.
Automatic sampling ensures a sample can be easily and safely obtained with no need for direct human interface or interference. This ensures sample integrity as well as operator safety.

Higher Productivity – more samples can be taken at less cost

Our Automatic samplers are programmed to collect samples continuously. Samples including priority samples can be taken more often as against samples being taken by an operator.

Automatic Samplers offer more flexibility

Insmart can modulate it’s samplers proportionally to changing product flow rates. Samplers can also be re-programmed for variable process configurations.

Insmart Samplers support sample bottle indexing efficiently and auto controls sending station.

Here on arrival the empty bottle is instantly decapped and brought underneath the sample dozing location.

Fixed bottle positioning at the dozing location is achieved by geared motor drive and few pneumatically operated cylinders.

Homogenizer and dozing systems transfer the desired sample quantity on hourly basis (or as desired).

The dozing unit samples ~ 200 ml from the primary homogenized sample to guarantee a desired amount for the laboratory.

Once filled up with homogenized sample, the bottle is capped and indexed for conveying through pipes.

The sampler homogenizer continuous operation ensures that part of the samples extracted from the secondary screw sampler is thoroughly churned.

Sampler housing can be designed to suit the existing ducts.

1 Material Powdery Coal, Raw meal, Kiln Feed, Cement, Feldspar, Silica
2 Sample collection Continuous
3 Mixing/ Homogenizing Continuous
4 Sample Drawl Frequency 30 minutes to 120 minutes                                               ( programmable)
5 No of bottles 2
6 Drawn composite sample qty Approx. 200 gms per hour (in bottle)
9 Mixing bin capacity 42 liter