Infrared Drier

Infrared Drier
Infrared Drier
Infrared Drier Chamber

Insmart Infrared Dryer

The infra Drier is designed for drying washed fractions from various Ores or minerals sample.

• Insmart make infrared drier has specific provision for condensation of evaporated water generated during drying of wet samples.

• Provision exits for the let out of water after condensation.

• The life of infrared bulbs is increased substantially because of the existing provision of condensation

The drying Rack is supplied with 8 nos of infra red lamps in ach row having 250 watts each. The drier is provided with individual switches for lighting bulbs as per requirement. Provision exists for condensation of water vapors that are generated during drying of test products. The condensed water is diverted to collect at the bottom of unit.

Stand Size (W x L x H) 1120 x 650 x1700 mm
No. of bulbs 8 Nos (4 in each row)
Bulb Capacity 250 watts
Materials of construction       Stainless steel