Shatter Test Aparatus

Insmart Shatter Test Aparatus

Insmart Shatter Test Aparatus


A conventional and trusted method of measuring the shattering resistance of different friable and non-friable materials during free fall. Insmart Shatter Test Apparatus is extensively used for materials like Iron Ore lumps, Sinkers, Pellets, etc.

Equipment Description:

The equipment is provided with a 25 kg container which is automatically lifted to an approximate height of 2 meter by a remote controlled motorised lifting facility. The top box is provided with different tilting angles to help in tilting the top box in different positions as per users choice.
The base plate comes with a lever mechanism and it’s shutter type opening makes it easier to pull the shutter.
This equipment is made as per IS 9963 standards.

Equipment Dimension Total Height 2000mm
Base Plate length 1500mm
Base plate height from bottom 300mm
Sample box insertion width 560mm
Sample fall open length 2000mm
Container 560 x 420 x 200 mm (permanent Silo type)
Base Plate 12.5 mm Thick x 1220 mm long x 270 mm wide
Sieve Plates 600 mm square x 200 mm thick hard wood sides, tolerance +/- 0.2 to 0.5%
Container capacity 0.055 m3 & capacity of 0.017 m3