Froth Flotation Cell

Froth Flotation Cell
Froth Flotation Cell Impeller

Insmart Froth Flotation Cell

Ideal equipment for up-gradation of various Ores & Minerals by Physico –Chemical Process, specifically Sulphide Minerals. Floatation is an effective tool for optimizing the quantification of floatation reagents for commercial applications.
• Insmart make floatation cell has the flexibility of operating as floatation cell as well as attrition scrubber & this can be achieved by simply changing the diffusion type impeller to attrition type impeller.
• 3 nos. of varied capacity cells of ss304 make v.i.z. 500, 1000 & 2000 gms are provided. These can be used for indicative as well as confirmatory tests.
• The equipment is supplied with Rotameter for controlling the inlet air flow in addition to a small compressor for supply of air.

The Sub-Aeration (Sub -A) Flotation Machine is a versatile one and is adaptable for roughing, cleaning and re-cleaning tests.

The equipment provided with both propeller and attrition type impellers. Provision exists for varying the capacity as three nos. of cells having capacity of 500, 1000 and 2000 grams are available, which makes for preliminary and confirmatory tests.

To optimize the removal of the froth, a Rotameter along with flow control valve is provided to measure and control the air flow.

Equipment is provided with a compressor dedicated to the lab scale equipment.

Provision for varying speed exists, digital display of set speed is provided.

The unit can be operated as an attrition scrubber by replacing the impeller.

Proved process for exclusively beneficiating sulphide minerals e.g. Lead, Zinc, Copper. May also be used in the processing of other minerals like Iron ore, Limestone, Beach Sand minerals (sillamanite) etc.

IMPORTANT: The selection of floatation reagent, namely conditioner, depressants, collectors, pH regulator, froather, etc. depends upon type of floatation/mineral characteristic.