Density Separator

Density Separator
Density Separator Sample

Insmart Density Separator

relies on the principle of hindered settling to separate particles of greater density and/or size from those of lower density and smaller size.
This simple, reliable, separator greatly enhances the performance of any wet gravity circuit.

• For classifying the particles in the size range of 20 to 325 mesh and to achieve extremely sharp partition curves density separator is the most suitable gravity separation equipment.
• The separation process takes place based on hindered settling principle

  • Classify particle by size
  • Upgrade a feed consisting of two or more groups of particles of different specific gravity
  • Use as washing system for mineral sands, coal etc.It is ideally suited to the treatment of alluvial minerals or beach sands as the size distribution of these materials usually falls between the size limits of application of the separator.
  • The apparatus can be used for a large variety of mineralogical separations and it should also be useful for treating many other types of granular materials.
  • For producing an extremely sharp portion when the classifying particles are in the range of 20 to 325 mesh
  • The separation process takes place by a hindered settling of large / denser particles away from lighter / finer particles. The under flow consisting of quick settling particles is efficiently de-watered.
  • By measuring the density in the teeter bed and comparing this density with known values, discharge of underflow is regulated.
  • Sharp Classification
  • Minimum water requirementPower Requirement:
    2 pole, 6 Amp MCB (Single Phase + with Earthing) AC, 50/60 Hz, 230V, Motor: 0.75Kw, (1 HP), 1415 rpm