Perm Roll Separator

Perm Roll Separator
Perm Roll Separator Vibro Feeder

Insmart Perm Magnetic Roll Separators

are based on High-intensity, High grade, High power rare earth- permanent magnets that generate an exceptionally high magnetic gradient. Used as the most cost-effective way to process weakly magnetic materials.

• The rolls are supplied with permanent magnet of desired field strength as per customer requirement.

• Facility exists for easy & quick replacement of permanent rolls of desired intensity.

• Provision exists for varying the splitter position as per required separation.

Dry granules of the material are fed onto short Kevlar belt conveyor of approx 1 mm thick for material passing over rolls of customized magnetic configuration.
The non-magnetic particles fall freely at the end of the roll while the magnetic particles adhere momentarily to the roll and are later discharged into a separate chute by means of an adjustable splitter below the belt.
Since the material is never in contact with the magnetic roll there is no wear on the magnets and under normal conditions magnetic strength is retained indefinitely.

Beach sands beneficiation:
• Chromites recovery
• Glass sand beneficiation
• Feldspar cleaning
• High-purity quartz cleaning
• Iron and manganese ore beneficiation
• Kyanite cleaning
• Limestone and dolomite cleaning
• Magnesite beneficiation
• Metal recovery from waste
• Wollastonite beneficiation

Rare Earth Roll Magnetic separators are ideally suited for applications that would satisfy the following criteria:
1. Material is dry & free flowing.
2. Particle size is above 100 mesh (150 Microns)
3. Objective is to clean the product of very feebly magnetic contaminants for example removing iron from Silica sand.
Other objectives could be to eliminate non-magnetic fraction from a magnetic material for example cleaning beach mineral sand components like ilmenite and garnet or concentrating rutile.

Applications in following industries:
As per the Peak magnetic intensity on magnetic roll surface can be in the range of 9500 gauss to 12,000 gauss.
Kevlar belts can be made available in varying thickness depending upon the application requirement.

Major features offered are:
• Permanent rare earth magnets used (Nd-Fe-B). Neodium- Iron-Boron
• Quick belt change mechanism available.