Electro Magnetic Sieve Shaker

Electro Magnetic Sieve Shaker

Insmart Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

is ideal for determining the particle profile. The permutation of a vertical movement with a rotary motion of the material produces faster and efficient sieving.

Selection of operation mode between continuous or alternating is provided for better sieving efficiencies. Programmable range in process time is from 1 to 99 minutes and amplitude of vibration is from 0.5 to 2.0 mm.

A special clamping device ensures a tight grip on the sieves, but allows for quick and easy removal and replacement of sieves.

Shaker can hold up to eight sieves. Anti-vibration mountings isolate vibrations from the work surface, further reducing noise levels.

The sieves are glued with mesh and jointless rim for easy stacking. Sieves Size are 50 mm height x 200 mm diameter.

Sample should be processed in dry condition.

  • Sieving is done by three dimensional electromagnetic Motion.
  • The material to be sieved is propelled upward periodically from the woven sieve cloth, as it returns to the mesh of the sieve it is forced through the apertures to the collecting bin located on the base.
  • Samples are kept on the sieve, which are placed on the collecting bin, and a cover is kept on the top of the sieve set.
  • Timer with Digital display is provided for controlling the cycle time.
  • Vibrations are imparted through an unbalanced motor. Frequency and amplitude of vibrations can be varied.
  • Power requirement: 2 Pole, 6 Amp MCB (Single Phase with earthing) A.C., 50/60 Hz, 230 V.
  • Motor: 65 W, 2800 rpm.