Specific Gravity, Pulp Density Meter

Specific Gravity Pulp Density Meter
Specific Gravity Pulp Density Meter 2
Specific Gravity Pulp Density Meter 3


Uniquely designed equipment for correlating the ore specific gravity with the percentage of solids in the pulp. It provides accurate and fast measurement of Specific Gravity, Pulp Density and Solid-liquid Ratio with various ores /mineral powders. The unit is supplied with relevant software.


Best suited equipment for research centers and plant control of concentrates, tailings etc.

Ideal equipment for quick and accurate measurement of:

  • Specific gravity
  • Solid -Liquid ratio
  • Pulp density

The unit consists of Stainless Steel 304 quality body Jar. Provision exists for collection over flow water. The unit can be operated in batch as well as on-line measurements.


No manual calculations as the unit is supplied with the latest software which provide accurate and fast measurements.

Capacity 300gms (Minimum)
Feed Size 1mm
Requirement Tap Water connection is required
Mounting Bench top Equipment
Power requirement 230V, 6 AMP MCB, single phase with Earthing