Wet Sieve Shaker

Wet Sieve Shaker

Insmart Wet Sieve Shaker

is an ideal sample preparation equipment for specimens with a high fraction of granular materials and enough fines content present to make dry sieving difficult. The fines can stick together in lumps, preventing an accurate assessment by sieving.

Shaker can hold up to eight sieves. Anti-vibration mountings isolate vibrations from the work surface, further reducing noise levels.

The sieves are glued with mesh and jointless rim for easy stacking. Sieves Size are 50 mm height x 200 mm diameter.

Sample should be processed in dry condition.

For efficient Screening to dislodge the clayee adhered coatings of ore grains.
Wet sieving is also useful for direct particle sizing of problem materials including:

  • Soils and mineral aggregates with high fine contents
  • Materials that are fragile but not soluble, such as coal or other minerals
  • Lightweight powders
  • Sludge and glazes
  • Kaolin and fillers
  • Abrasives
  • Micro granulations

The unit can accommodate 8 nos of standard test sieves of 2″ height and 8″ diameter and with a spray nozzle (Eye type) for uniform spray of water for efficient screening.
Timer provision exists for predetermined screening time.
Efficient control of grinding and milling depends upon accurate screen analysis.
The gyratory motion of the suspended shaking mechanism is vertically aligned in a manner that the sample passes through sieves very rapidly. The water spray from the top lid helps the undersize particle to pass through smoothly preventing particles from adhering or agglomerating.
The final product is received in the bottom.
The high efficiency and low cost of screen analysis unit makes it indispensible in every mineral laboratory.
The standard shaking unit consists of the vibratory mechanism and sieve rack which is suspended to provide full gravity action during the screening process.
Wet screening kit consists of a special top cover and funnel attachment for bottom pan.

  • Heavy duty belt driven motor
  • Ideal for wet sieving analysis
  • Sturdy construction
  • Accuracy of mechanical sieving
  • Easy maintenance
  • Efficient Drainage System
Construction Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
Test Sieves Up to 8 nos
Motor ¼ HP
Accessories Water hose, sprinklers & Holder
Timer Automatic, 0 – 60 Minutes (Optional)
Capacity 1 Set of Sieves
2 Set of Sieves
4 Set of Sieves
Power Supply 240 Volts
Sieves Range 150 to 10 microns