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Wet and dry grinding is accomplished with the mill operating locked in the horizontal position. For charging and emptying the mill, it is tilted on its axis. The mill stand has an adjustable shelf so that containers of varying size can be used for holding mill discharge. Single piece, round corner construction permits easy, through cleaning and eliminates contamination. A Grate discharges holds back the grinding charge. It can be used as a ball mill by replacing the rods with steel grinding balls.

  • Mills can be operated for wet grinding.
  • As per the standard procedure the feed is crushed to -½” and 1250 CC packed in a graduated cylinder is weighed, a representative sample is screen analysed. The weighed sample is ground duly in closed circuit with 100 percent circulating load in a 12” x 24” long tilting Rod Mill with a wave-type lining and revolution counter, running at 46 r.p.m.. The Grinding charge consists of Six 1.25” Dia and two 1.75” Dia steel rods of 21” long and weighing 33,380 Grams.
Size of Mill 12” Diameter x 24” Length
Rod Charge 33,380 gms (21” length x  1.25” Diameter – 6 nos  and 21” length x  1.75” Diameter – 2 nos)
Motor Capacity 0.50 HP, 1200 r.p.m.
Mill Speed 46 r.p.m. (fixed)
Feed Size 6 mesh
Material of construction Hardened Cast Steel of Grinding Media  (wear resistant)