Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner

Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner
Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner 2

Insmart Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner

The ultrasonic bath range includes three sizes for cleaning test sieves and grinding tools quickly and easily. The gentle yet thorough cleaning of test sieves in an ultrasonic bath increases their working life as damage which could occur during manual cleaning is avoided.

• Efficient de-clogging of chocked test sieves by Insmart Ultrasonic sieve cleaner.

• Easy to operate and efficient, fast de-clogging device.

• Bench top model can be placed near to the water source in the laboratory.

The Compound High Frequency Generator System is of rectangle shaped Stainless Steel assembly, and Can Accommodate 300 mm by 50mm size test Sieves

A high-frequency generator in the ultrasonic bath produces about 35000 oscillations per second, which are transferred into the cleaning solution and causes it to resonate. The energy density of the sound field is so high that a cavitations effect sets in. Innumerable extremely small vacuum bubbles develop in the ultrasonic bath and collapse in microseconds due to pressure and suction. The pulses triggered by this remove dirt particles even at the deepest, least accessible places or they result in homogenisation, dispersion and degassing.

TANK SIZE 457 x 360 x 470 mm (LxWxH)
TANK MATERIAL SS 304/16 gauge
POWER 250 watts
TRANSDUCERS C-4 Material, 4 nos bonded at the bottom of the tank
HEATER 600 watts controlled by thermostat