Hydro-cyclone Test Rig

Hydro-cyclone Test Rig

Insmart Hydro Cyclone Test Rig

is a continuous device that utilizes centrifugal force to accelerate the settling rate of particles.
• For optimizing the parameters viz. diameter of apex, vertex and back pressure to get the desired cut for commercial operations Hydro-cyclone test rig is the ideal and energy efficient system.
• Cyclones made of abrasive resistant polyurethane material in the size range of 1” dia to 5” dia with relevant sizes of vertex and apex are available.
• Cyclone feed material should be having 1:3 solid liquid ratio.

Hydro-cyclone is one of the most important devices in the mineral industry; it is widely used in the mineral industry processing as a classifier, which has proved extremely efficient at fine separation size. Hydro-cyclone is widely used in closed circuit grinding operations but it also has many other applications, such as desliming, degritting, and thickening.

Altough the hydro cyclone by nature is a size controlling machine, the number of applications in mineral are many
• Classification in grinding circuits
• Dewatering and thickening
• Desliming and washing
• Enrichment of heavy minerals

Cyclone Test Rig is designed for laboratory testing of classifying various solids in a slurry.

When feed slurry enters the hydro-cyclone tangentially under pressure, as result of high centrifugal forces, particles coarser than the “cut point” size migrate into a primary vortex adjacent to the wall and move forward to discharge with a small volume of water via the spigot. Particles finer than the “cut point” size migrate into a secondary upward-moving vortex, along the axis of the hydro-cyclone and discharge with the majority of the water via vortex finder.

It is equipped with a 2 inch Cyclone, a new, larger 0.53 cubic meter tank sump, Pinch valve to regulate flow, internal piping and valves to circulate the slurry through the cyclone from the sump or to re-circulate the slurry, and a pressure gauge to monitor the pressure drop across the cyclone.

Equipment is conveniently mounted on a sturdy structural steel frame.

The 2 inch cyclone is also provided with 3 nos each of apex and vertex finders of suitable size for selecting the desired set for the required separation.

Required Power: 415V AC, 4 pole, 16 Amps MCB (3 Phase with Neutral + Earthing).
Motor Drive 3.75 Kw, 5 HP, 50Hz.
Supply include 2” dia PU Cyclone, Epoxy Coated 0.5 m³ tank, Pump, Motor, Valves, Pressure Gauge etc.

Optional Supplies:
2” Cyclone Complete with different spigot, vortex finder to obtain d50 cut size in the range of 3-7 microns 2.6 SG.