Jaw Crusher with in-built Sample Divider

Jaw Crusher with in-built Sample Divider

Jaw Crusher with in-built Sample Divider

Crushing, Sample Division & Excess Material Discharge Unit

 Jaw Crusher with in-built Sample Divider is a unique combination of crushing with inbuilt sample division system for reliable and reproducible particle size reduction & quantity reduction  Representative sample drawal in the range of 2% to 25%  Provided with 3 variants to accept a wide variety of materials with top size ranging from 150 mm to 65 mm and provide final outputs of upto 3mm. Insmart Combo unit is a combination of four principal Assemblies. 1. Primary Crushing System 2. Multi Stage Sample Drawl System 3. Secondary & Tertiary Stage Crushing System 4. Discard Material Handling System

1. Primary Crushing:

Insmart Combo unit takes a feed of -150 mm from collected gross sample. The material travels through a vibratory feeder to Insmart Combo unit. It gives following outputs at different stages of its operation. For e.g. i) Upto 50 mm of entire gross sample. ii) Upto 10 mm representative sample. iii) Upto 3 mm representative sample.

2. Multi-Stage Sample Drawal system

 Insmart sample drawal attached with this combo unit comes with a wide range of sample division capabilities.  The machine is capable of drawing representative sample in a range of 2 % to 25 %. This is achieved by digitally adjusting the material flow rate.

3. Secondary & Tertiary Crushing:

Insmart Combo unit takes a feed of crushed quantity from the crusher. The material travels through a Vibratory Feeder to Insmart Combo unit which gives following multiple outputs that may depend 2nd or 3rd stage crushing. i) Representative sample at 2nd stage ii) Representative sample at 3rd stage

4. Discard material handling system:

 For smooth stage-wise crushing the discard material should be timely discarded in order to avoid cross contamination.  For this purpose the system is provided with discard bin for sample discard at different size reduction stages.  For ease of operation the bin is provided with wheeled trolley.
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This is a combo unit for primary and successive 2 stage crushing. It performs a sequential sample crushing and sample drawl strictly as per the procedure laid down in various standards. The unit covers all the activities from crushing of upto 150 mm size gross sample to drawing representative lab sample (input size acceptability is variant dependent). It replaces the need for using multiple lab crushers and thus saves on cost, space, manpower and power consumption. Product comes with completely adjustable manual as well as digital controls for stepwise size crushing of gross sample from -150 mm to secondary crushing and tertiary crushing in the prescribed steps. Similarly digitally controlled outputs at every stage of size reduction. Thus, it eliminates the need of conventional quarter coning process. Saves on time and improves accuracy by a 1000 times.
Floor mounted. Robust, no foundation required. Cost saving. Does not require any RCC foundation. Digitally adjustable jaw blade gaps setting arrangement for obtaining varied outputs is also available. Representative sample drawal in the range of 2% to 25% (sample size specific). Enhanced operator and equipment safety features like vibratory feed hopper, over load relays, proximity sensors.
Variants Crusher cum Divider -Large (IJC3 – FSSD) Crusher cum Divider -Medium (IJC2 – FSSD) Crusher cum Divider -Small (IJC1 – FSSD)
Input Particle Size Upto 150 mm Upto 100 mm Upto 65 mm
Capacity For laboratory Use
Purpose To Draw true representative sample from the bulk sample (2% to 25%
Principal of operation The entire material is made to fall in a long single vertical stream and a cut is taken at regular intervals
Sample Divider Motor Special motor drive, 20 rpm, 230 V, + Neutral & earthing
Power 2 Pole MCB, 4 amps Single Phase
Equipment Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 1900 x 690 x 1650 1600 x 650 x 1500 1470 x 600 x 1410