Spiral Test Rig

Spiral Test Rig
Spiral Test Rig Samples

The spiral test rig

is designed for closed circuit testing of spiral concentrators.


  • The Spiral Test Rig is used to assess various parameters like separation efficiency, Spiral profiles, Quality and Quantity of products etc.
  • The Rig Comprises of 500 Litters capacity rugged wear resistant non corrosive sump.
  • Spiral separators of varied profiles with and without wash water facility are available for processing test sample having the size range of 1000 to 38 microns.
  • The spirals are made of fibreglass base with PU lining which gives longer life.
  • The spiral test rig is supplied with different profile of spirals as per customer requirement for processing coarse, intermittent and fine size samples.
  • Insmart Spiral test rig is supplied with either a pulp distributor or cyclone as per the customer requirement.
  • Spiral feed material should be having 1:3 solid liquid ratio.
Feed Distributor Lightweight 4 way distributor to handle up to 40 gpm slurry
Grouping of Outlets Feed rate to the spiral is maintained through grouping any number of outlets from the distributor. The balance of outlets not in use are grouped together and returned to the sump via a common collection box.
Sampling System Manually operated to facilitate the simultaneous collection of 3 spiral Products for rougher spiral (wash water) and 2 products for high grade & fine grade spirals
Spiral Series Spirals of various profiles used in low grade, high grade and fine mineral separation are supplied as per customer requirement
Model With Wash Water Facility / Without Wash Water Facility
Construction of Spiral  Polyurethane /Fibre Glass
Power requirement      4 pole, 16 Amp MCB (3 Phase + neutral with earthing) AC, 50/60Hz, 415 V Motor2.25 Kw (3 HP), 1415 rpm.