Micum Drum

Micum Drum

The Test apparatus is specially designed to meet the MICUM test which is a relative measure of resistance of coke to degradation by abrasion.

The coke after selecting +50 mm size material through sieving is subjected to the Micum Test under standard conditions in a rotating drum. The drum is made to rotate for 100 revolutions at a rate of 25 rotations per minute (RPM) in approximately 4 minutes. The mean results of three Micum tests after size analysis with the help of sieves with the apertures in the size range of 60 mm to 10 mm are treated in the indices after taking cumulative percentages of retained material over 40 mm screen and 10 mm screen. This determines the resistance to breakage by abrasions.

The equipment complies with IS 1354.

The System consists of three parts:
1. Control Panel
2. Three phase drive
3. Rotating drum

Size of the Drum          1000 x 1000 mm
Material for wear and tear resistance parts           Suitable Steel grade
Size of Door     600 X 500 mm
Motor   5 HP
Breaking          Mechanical System
Structure         MS Channels & Angles
Gear Box          MM Gears with 1 : 60 Ratio
Drum Plate Thickness  Side portion of 10 mm and 6 mm for periphery
Shaft    Suitable graded Hardened SS material
Control Panel   Consists of: Time control, RPM Control with  Proper switches and accessories
Programmer     PLC  / Microprocessor based
Sieve Material  Graded G I material