Falling Stream Sample Dividers

The sample divider that delivers just representative samples. Unlike commonly used process of sample division like Riffle Splitters or coning & quartering, our falling stream sample dividers are designed to split out a representative proportion of a sample with a high degree of dividing accuracy. Insmart Falling Stream Rotary Sample Dividers are used to divide large samples into accurate and highly reproducible sub samples. A very reliable method for mass reduction of samples which represent the gross sample.
The sample is fed at a controlled rate to create a falling stream and through a rotating splitting mechanism varied percentages of representative samples are captured in a container. The remainder of the fed sample passes to a removable discard container or can be conveyed away as waste.
Rotary Sample Dividers ensure the representativeness of a sample and thus the reproducibility of the analysis. Near exact division of larger quantities with settable speed of 20 rotations/ minute.
Various division ratios are offered in the range of 2 to 25 %. Insmart Sample Dividers are necessary in every laboratory involved in research, development and process monitoring in order to produce small yet representative sample quantities.
Sample Divider Variants Lump Feed Size Sample Drawal % Capacity
Sample Divider Small-1 Upto 10mm 2% to 10% 60 Kg/ hour
Sample Divider Small-2 Upto 16 mm 2% to 10% 60 Kg/ hour
Sample Divider Medium Upto 50 mm 5% to 25% 250 Kg/hour
Sample Divider Large Upto 100 mm 10% to 25% 500 Kg/hour