Ball Mills

Ball Mills
Insmart Ball mills are completely novel kind of mills for high power granulating. The unique amalgamation of high friction and collision results in exceptionally fine particles within the shortest amount of time.
  • Ball mills are very useful for fine grinding of the materials like limestone, clinker, iron ore and other minerals.
  • Mills of varied capacity 2 kg, 5 kg & 10 kg are available with recommended quantity of grinding media of assorted balls sizes.
  • Provision exists for both wet/dry grinding as a cooling jacket is provided.
  • The mill’s horizontal rotations enable the High Carbon-High Chrome balls of different sizes bombard the sample as the mill rotates. The material which gets trapped between the balls and the surface disintegrates.
  • This frictional reaction after material entrapment between the balls surface of the mill grinds the sample to required fineness.

Application Materials:

Alloys, Catalysts, Cement Clinker, Ceramics, Clay Minerals, Coal, Coke, Concrete, Fibers, Glass, Gypsum, Iron Ore, Limestone, Metal Oxides, Minerals, Ores, Quartz, Slag etc.
  • Faster and finer grinding than any other ball mill.
  • Narrow particle size distribution thanks to special drum design which improves mixing of the sample.
  • Easy operation via touch screen.
  • Most suited for day average sample grinding & mixing.
The new size reduction mechanism operates on impact and frictional forces that are generated from controlled circular drum movements and allows superior grinding performance. This exclusive blend is produced by the cylindrical drum and the movement of the grinding balls within the drum. The drum moves on a tumbling course without changing their orientation. The material contact in drum and ball movement causes strong friction between grinding balls, sample material and drum walls. This considerably enhances the mixing of the particles resulting in smaller grind sizes.
Applications size reduction, homogenizing, comminution
Feed material medium-hard, hard, brittle, dry / wet samples
Size reduction principle impact, friction
Material feed size Upto 15 mm
Final fineness Upto 200 mesh
Batch size / feed quantity 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg
Speed at 50 Hz 50 rpm
Grinding balls Hardened steel
Setting of milling revolution 100 to 225 or more
Motor power 2 Kg - 2 Hp, 5 Kg - 3 Hp, 10 Kg - 3 Hp
Required Power 2 Kg-10 Amps, 5 Kg &10 Kg-16 Amps, 4 pole MCB
Power connection 3-phase, 440 V, Neutral + Earthing
Drive Protection IP 55